Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Dress for the Gardens

Due in part to my recent obsession with visiting the botanic gardens in Brooklyn, I made myself a new dress. I have a lot of fabric lying around, and I wanted something simple and elegant in a light, solid color.

I was trying to mold together the tight fitting bodice and full skirt of the 50's with a sense of the ruffled collar of the court dresses of the Elizabethan period. But mostly, I just wanted to be able to spin around with a ruffly skirt and look like one of the tea roses I was going to visit.

I have been preferring longer and longer skirts on my dresses recently, as if I am trying to fall into the 1890s, perhaps the next dress I make will be floor length?

I spent my entire Sunday off making the dress, and it was ready just in time to go to the gardens. I am a bit bummed that I can't wear most of my dresses to the bakery, since they do not have a sleeve, but I should probably try to avoid getting chocolate butter cream all over silk anyway.