Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Picnic at the Cloisters

Summer is finally coming along and the time has come for picnics!

I love the idea and history of picnics, so romantic. I recently bought myself a wicker basket at that Basket Shop in the Chelsea Markets, and decided a picnic was destined in my near future. Luckily, I recently started working at Billy's bakery and the cool kids I met there were up for a Sunday picnic at the Cloisters!

I wanted to avoid the cheesy zip lock baggy sandwiches and made sauteed chicken, mozzarella tomato and pesto sandwiches on ciabatta bread which were wrapped in parchment and tied with a bit of string.
We made fresh raspberry lemonade in random mason jars I found around the house, mashed together some avocados for guacamole and bagged the macarons and short bread cookies I made the day before.

We spent a lovely afternoon on the lawns of Fort Tryon Park, watched a little kid shove himself in a hole in a tree, played uno, told each other's fortunes and threw pita chips at the chubby squirrel population. And, I got to wear my new dress!

Thanks to new friends Stephanie (also known as Daisy) and Matt for coming with me on this cheesy picnic and joining me in obsessively documenting the food before we actually got to eat it. And thanks to Stephanie for bringing a camera when I stupidly forgot mine at home.
We visited the Cloisters themselves after the picnic, chatted in a gorgeous atrium garden while it rained and threw coins in a fountain from the dark ages!

Day well spent!

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