Sunday, June 13, 2010

When you can't afford that Anthropologie dress.

daria souvorova not anthro dress
daria souvorova not anthropologie dressI wear dresses almost exclusively and the vast majority of them are from Anthropologie. I love their dresses, but most are so incredibly expensive that I can't afford them.

A good friend of mine has a slogan for me "Daria wants, Daria gets." Thus, I just make my own.

I saw a beautiful dress a few weeks back, the Norrbotten Dress. I tried it on at the store and fell in love with it, but not its $258 price tag.

The beautiful crewelwork fabric, I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to find. I went to Purl in SoHo and found an amazing Rapunzel and a simple pale peach linen/cotton blend which I am super excited about.

daria souvorova not anthropologie dressI spent several days sewing tiny triangle patterns on the subway. I think I terrified an older Asian lady when I pulled out a giant pair of cutting shears (with that certain amount of excitement and verve needed to pull out a kick ass pair of scissors, I don't know if anyone knows what I mean.)

Although the dress does not have the same beaded intricacy that the original dress, the dress has a similar fit, tied with a bow on the back, and I really enjoyed the movement of the triangle fringe when I wore the dress today!


  1. I love a good, hefty pair of shears, so I totally know what you mean about the scissors... when I used to whip mine out on the subway, people around me always seemed intrigued with a ting of terror! Also, the dress you made is absolutely gorgeous! (I even like it more than the Anthropologie version!)