Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ladies Night

For the past four years (right?) my friends Iris, Jess and Rafael have been getting together for dinner parties at each others' houses every month. It has come to be known as Ladies Night.

Iris is vegetarian, so we usually go with a vegetarian meal and a delicious dessert. Today was the first day we made a fish dish, woot! Jess marinated some amazing salmon with a teriyaki glaze and rice and Iris made a delicious salad with carrots, cucumbers, almonds and an amazing home made sauce and a mango, cucumber and tomato salsa for the salmon. Amazing!
I am still obsessed with figuring out the best Macaron recipes so I made another version of a chocolate macaron and a lemon macaron with a lemon butter cream. The lemon butter cream was great, but the cookies were a tad carmelized. Still working on it. Mango macarons are coming up! (Will post all of the recipes once I get them right.)

Missing Rafiqua this time around, hope you see the pictures, and can't wait till you come back!