Monday, June 7, 2010

Love You

My roommate and best friend Rafael just left for 5 months for a residency and job in Seattle. His flight took off Monday morning and I expected to come home to see an empty room and spend the night pouting by myself. Instead, I found one of these notes on my door. I walked in to put my necklace in my jewelry box, and alas another note was on the top, and on my weird little red cash register, and on my tip piggy and my lamp shade and my kitchen aid mixer.

Everyday I seem to find a new one, on Wednesday I went to grab a headscarf, and found a note in my handkerchief box. Today I reached for a pair of socks, and found a note attached to my fluffy airplane socks.

I am glad that as digital and distant the world has become, we can still experience wonderful, pure moments of sentimentality.

Needless to say, I did not spend the night pouting. I love my Rafael and can't wait till he comes back!

PS: Raf is a fantastic photographer, check out his work at

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