Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Terrarium Pedestals and Air Plants

I have been working on permanent inhabitants for my terrariums. Most of the plants I am interested require either too much light or need more air movement. Some cannot take the stagnant air and others just don't fit within the small confines.
I bought an air plant in the flower district a while back and it has been doing very well, so last week at the botanic gardens, I decided to pick up a few more. Even though air plants tend to require a bit more air movement than terrariums generally afford, the fact that their roots are not surrounded by any soil makes them much easier to keep at a good humidity level. One of the plants started to bloom immediately, so I am hoping for the best. They will be watered once a week and allowed the rest of their watering day to hang out in the breeze to dry off.

Another new addition to the terrarium bench are the two beautiful cake pedestals I bought from Fishs Eddy on Broadway. Fishs Eddy is an amazing little shop of kitchen wares both old and vintage. The corner entryway leads to a huge wall of vintage glove molds in all sorts of shapes and colors, like a wall of rubber gloved hands reaching out to you, it can be alarming if you let it.

They have simple ceramic plates as well as war glass in all colors imaginable and a room of 99c glassware. The jadeite pedestal I paired with a bowl of moss which I harvested from the lawn at Pratt. It has been living in this terrarium for over a year now and seems to be doing extremely well. Another dark blue glass pedestal is holding one of the air plants from the Gardens with a purple bloom. The tiny glove mold is also from Fishs Eddy.

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