Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Scribbles from the Sommelier, a New Guest Contributor!

I am thrilled to introduce a brand new, and long awaited section to my blog!  Scribbles from the Sommelier. You have seen many posts from me with random cooking adventures and recipes, however, not being an avid drinker myself, I have constantly failed you with the absence of alcoholic advice.  And with the help of my wonderful boyfriend, Tom Pedrick, all of the cooking and entertaining posts will now be accompanied by a paragraph or two about wine pairings.

And now for a little bio from the Sommelier himself:

My name is Tom, and I am above all a historian.  To some degree, my love of studying the human past and its endless intricacies and traditions led me to become an oenophile.  While I realize that the world, and especially the United States, are experiencing a beer revolution and a cocktail renaissance, the immense complexity and longevity of wine wins me over every time.  To me, an intimate evening with family and friends spent enjoying a table laden with well- prepared food and carefully-selected wine is sublime.  I am always trying to learn more about this subject.  While I am a collector of special bottles of wine, I keep an eye wide open for value-driven wines, and always seek the most accurate representation of a region, be it Burgundy, France, or Sonoma, California. - Tom Pedrick

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