Monday, February 4, 2013

My Incredible Weekend of Openings

Finally back in my studio Sunday morning, I wanted to take a few minutes out to tell you guys about my amazing weekend. I was honored to have my pieces in two shows this week: Third Street Gallery on Second Street in Olde City had an opening of their Philadelphia Community Exhibition during First Friday, and Art Essex Gallery in Connecticut had an opening the next evening for their first Invitational Exhibition.

What a perfect weekend. I walked over to Old City Friday evening to see my pieces at Third Street Gallery.  Tom met me there and stayed for the entire opening to make sure I don't get awkward by myself. Thank you everyone who came by from PAFA and around town, I really appreciated all of your support, especially on such a chilly night.

I ran out of the opening at 7pm to take Amtrak to New York. Raced across town to Metro North and barely made the Metro North to New Haven. George Billis and Robert Sommo kindly opened up their amazing New Haven home to me to spend the night before the next opening at Rob's gallery, Art Essex. I stayed in this lovely Moroccan room and couldn't help but take a photo for you guys.

In the morning I made cupcakes for the opening reception.  Rob commissioned me to cater the opening; I made chocolate cupcakes as well as vanilla cupcakes with raspberry agave filling.  It was a perfect crisp morning, so I decided to cool the cupcakes on the porch.  Please meet the epic squirrel that kidnapped one of the chocolate cupcakes, which may be his last. Good luck fat little squirrel.

My friend Kelcy, who I haven't had an opportunity to see for several years, drove for four hours to come to the opening in Connecticut. I was incredibly grateful that she would make such an epic journey for me and so happy to meet her fiancé, David. We had lunch at a lovely cafe in town to catch up before the opening.

Exploring Essex, we happened upon a shop called Truffle Shots, and seeing this storefront, who could resist? Inside we found a minimal room and counter displaying a series of glass vessels, the truffle shots.

As a lady known for her obsession with chocolate, I was very excited by the prospect and sampled a Fig Balsamico truffle shot. It was delicious, a cup filled with the luscious center of a truffle, and you eat it with a spoon. Each of us bought a flavor to take home: I picked passion fruit with a dark chocolate truffle and am enjoying it with some tea as I type.

Truffle Shots is located on 1 Main Street in Essex, Connecticut and you can order from a selection of over 20 flavors online if you cannot make it to the shop.

We headed over to Art Essex Gallery for the opening, and I was thrilled to see that my piece had a prominent spot in the front gallery! The show was a representation of work of very talented artists from around the country, and I am really proud to be part of the show.

The opening was a great success, a lot of people came out to see the work. I talked to many fellow artists and collectors and had the opportunity to make some great connections and learn quite a lot. And, everyone loved the cupcakes, perhaps even more than my work, we'll, one tries.

If my day could get any better, Art Essex Gallery has a rotating show which included two Fernando Botero drawings, a Robert Motherwell and to top it off, a Pablo Picasso! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my drawing was on display within 50 feet of a Pablo Picasso! Best day ever!

Kelcy!  I am so happy to have seen you again after all these years, I have forgotten how much I love your company!  Miss you already, and I am so glad I got to meet your fancy man-fiance David! 


  1. I miss you, too, Daria! The visit was a great reminder of how much fun we can have together. We will have to keep in touch. Also, don't let me forget that I owe you photos. ~Kelcy