Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Portrait: The Soprano

Here is a new portrait I just finished. I have been trying to branch out into different forms and figures and this is the first female pose I have worked on in quite a while that has not been a self portrait. What do you think?

Liana sat for me for a couple hours in New York and we celebrated afterwards with Jacques Torres hot chocolates. It was a lovely afternoon.

Have you ever wanted to be in one of my drawings? Now is your chance.  I am looking for new people to pose for me as character types that I can use in my larger narrative images. So if you would't mind sitting still for an hour or two and think you have a classical appearance send me an email!

Best part, I will make you a print of your portrait!


  1. Daria,

    I am AMAZED at the resemblance... it is uncanny! I had fun being your "model" and am honored to be drawn by such a gifted artist.... Thank you so much ~~~~ Liana

  2. Thanks Liana! It was really fun drawing you!