Friday, September 10, 2010

A New Dress for Seattle

daria sweet daria's souvorova, new dress, seattle
I have been losing a lot of weight lately, and it seems only few of my entire collection of dresses are fitting properly. Thus, the time has come to make something new.

During my visit to the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum with Vicki a few weeks back, I purchased a few spools of gorgeous ribbon for sewing. One was a "Renaissance" pattern, which you will see later, and the other a ribbon called "Mating". It is a beautiful seafoam and silver white with an image of a young woman and chap in costume approaching each other from different sides of a tree, and this image is partnered with a simple design of a three layer wedding cake. It is an incredibly beautiful pattern that I decided to pair with a white cotton weave with raw linen stripes.

Summer is waning, I know, but I wanted to have this dress for my trip to Seattle and California. I wore it in Seattle to see the famous troll in Fremont!

daria sweet daria's souvorova, new dress, seattle

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