Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tiny Dress for Tiny Girl

daria souvorova, sweet daria's, handmade dress for lolaWalking around SoHo, I constantly pass by kids stores displaying tiny mannequins donning frilly dresses and striped onesies with piles of hand-made toys and blocks spilling around their feet. These constant visions cannot help but make me daydream of dressing up my own son or daughter, if I am fortunate enough to have one in the future.

daria souvorova, sweet daria's, handmade dress for lolaMy mother made most of my clothes when I was a child. She made me adorable sweaters that I still tried to pull over my shoulders when I was fourteen. I had amazing summer dresses and crochet collars on my shirts. My first attempt at sewing, I remember clearly. I woke up early one morning, before my parents or grandmother. I found a piece of fabric in the kitchen, which I decided to make into a shirt and skirt set for myself. I cut out a rectangle, and cut a big hole in the center for my head, and wrapped the rest of the fabric around me like a sarong skirt. My mom freaked out and tried to make something decent out of my blunder. I have learned since then, and I look forward to making all of my kid's clothes.
daria souvorova, sweet daria's, handmade dress for lolaMy friend Daisy's daughter Lola recently turned three and I got to make her a dress. My first dress for a little girl. I bought Alice in Wonderland fabric from Purl Soho and a lovely pink fabric for the lining and bow. I love the idea of a tiny person with a huge frilly skirt that makes them look like a squishy triangle that is soft and comfortable to wear.

Boy do I love kids.


  1. look at her! so cute... she's rocking her Souvorova one-of-a-kind

  2. Isn't she super adorable? I love her.